Carbon monoxide

Dear Valued Customer,

If your heating system vents directly outside through a wall in your basement or first floor (versus going straight up a stack or chimney through the roof), please check the vent outside regularly and be sure to keep it clear of snow and ice. With the snow really piling up, it’s extremely important to have an unobstructed exhaust vent to keep dangerous carbon monoxide from building up inside your home. As you may know, carbon monoxide is odorless but deadly. If you’re not sure what type of vent you have or where it is located, feel free to contact me. If you have a gas-powered dryer, also make sure that vent is cleared away too because carbon monoxide won’t have anywhere to go but back into your house. Another potential source of carbon monoxide is a blocked car tailpipe so be sure to keep the exhaust area of your vehicle clear as well.

Thank you and stay safe and warm this winter,

Ron Dunsmoor

Eastern Mechanical Inc