Pine State Services to continue serving EMI customers

Dear Customer,

We are reaching out to our loyal customers to thank you for your continued business and to announce some exciting changes. After nearly forty years of proudly seving York County’s plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs we have decided, for the benefit of our family and customers to sell our business. With careful deliberation we have chosen Pine State Services, Inc. to be the stewards of our cherished customer base. Pine State Services has been a local provider of plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and electrical services and installation for nearly 25 years. With a strong reputation for customer service and a do it all approach to residential and commercial service and installation, we are confident they will be able to meet and exceed your needs.

Pine State Services provides both scheduled and emergency services inthe Cumberland and York County areas. With a professional staff of Licensed Plumbers, Natural Gass, LP, Oil, Air-Conditioning and Electrical Technicians with fully stocked vans they will be able to promptly address the services you have depended on Eastern Mechanical, Inc. for. We will continue to operate out of our current location with many of the familiar faces and dependable professionals to serve your needs.

Please call or email the Pine State Services and Eastern Mechnical team at 207-282-7387 or at with questions regarding your account or for any of your plumbing, heating, drain cleaning, AC or electrical needs.

Thank you for being an Eastern Mechnical Inc. customer. It has been our pleasure to provide you with our services over the years.

Donald Dube

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Daikin Heat pump showroom

We are Installing a new display of The Daikin heat pumps in our showroom today.

Four Zone heat pump with a wall unit, console unit, ducted unit and a ceiling cassette.

All will be operational so you can see, feel and hear the products run.

The system will heat in the winter for less than the cost of oil or gas heat.

And keep your house nice and cool in the summer.

Stop in at 6 Pomerleau St, Biddeford, Maine

Watch for the grand opening soon.

Uninvited Holiday Guests

Family Plumbing Problem

How to Keep Uninvited Guests Away!

Tis the season for good food and good company … but more guests often means more strain on your HVAC and plumbing systems. Here’s how to keep these uninvited Holiday guests away:

Broken Garbage Disposer: Putting fat and grease down the disposer is like clogging your plumbing system’s arteries. You also should avoid disposing of these foods down the drain: egg shells; fibrous foods such as carrots, celery and banana peels; and of course chicken and turkey bones.

Burst pipes: Winter temperatures can freeze the water that is trapped in the outside faucets and pipe connections, sometimes damaging the faucet or causing the pipes to burst in the wall. Be sure to disconnect your garden hoses from outside faucets and drain them. If possible, turn off the water supply to outside faucets and then drain the piping. Otherwise, install insulated covers on outside faucets for some protection against freezing.

Broken furnace: Have your furnace professionally cleaned and inspected to ensure that it operates safely and efficiently. Technicians will inspect filters, belts, motors, electrical switches, contacts, safety switches, refrigerant levels, and gas pressure.

Slow drains: Remove the culprits. In the kitchen, the best way to dispose of leftovers is in the garbage. Even small bits of the wrong foods can cause headaches. In the bathroom, the biggest culprit for a clog is hair; hair, mixed with soap and other residue, can cause major clogs. Install and regularly clean a strainer over the drain to catch hair and other particles. To help prevent clogs, you can pour a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar down the drain and then rinse with boiling water to keep things moving. For any major clogs, consult a professional

We can help with the uninvited holiday guests.

Eastern Mechanical offers 24/7 emergency service for Plumbing and Heating in Biddeford, Saco, Arundel, Wells, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Sanford, Old Orchard Beach and York County.
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Happy Holidays!

Finally summer has arrived!!

Getting warm finally!! Daikin Ductless splits are selling like hot cakes.

Don’t sit in a hot house when you can be nice and cool with a Daikin Air conditioning unit.

And when winter arrives again you will be able to heat with the unit also.

Call John Salo today for your free estimate.

Mention you saw it on the website and get 10% off the price.

Call today while it is on your mind.  207-282-7387

Water Heater Sale

Time to change our water heater display models.

Bradford White Water heaters

We have two 40 gallon electric water heaters model M240S6DS @ $249 each

One 50 electric gallon lowboy water heater @ $275

and one 30 gallon LP Gas water heater @ 299

once they are gone….there gone.

Stop by our do it yourself showroom @ 6 Pomerleau St. Biddeford Today!!

Carbon monoxide

Dear Valued Customer,

If your heating system vents directly outside through a wall in your basement or first floor (versus going straight up a stack or chimney through the roof), please check the vent outside regularly and be sure to keep it clear of snow and ice. With the snow really piling up, it’s extremely important to have an unobstructed exhaust vent to keep dangerous carbon monoxide from building up inside your home. As you may know, carbon monoxide is odorless but deadly. If you’re not sure what type of vent you have or where it is located, feel free to contact me. If you have a gas-powered dryer, also make sure that vent is cleared away too because carbon monoxide won’t have anywhere to go but back into your house. Another potential source of carbon monoxide is a blocked car tailpipe so be sure to keep the exhaust area of your vehicle clear as well.

Thank you and stay safe and warm this winter,

Ron Dunsmoor

Eastern Mechanical Inc

Plumbing Special

New Year Special

Planning a bath remodel?
Mansfield 1.6 gal toilet $82.80 !!! yes under $100.
Mansfield 20×17 Drop in Lavatory $27.60 !!!!
Stop into our Do It Yourself Plumbing showroom in Biddeford today!!
Do it yourself plumbing showroom serving York County.
Do It yourself and save!
Do it yourself….if you get stuck we will send a plumber to help you finish you project.
Stop by today at 6 Pomerleau St, Just off route 111, Biddeford, Maine

Gas Conversions

We are available for natural gas conversions in Cumberland, Me. We feel terrible about what happened to the people in Cumberland due to the sudden closing of Ireland LLC. Please contact or call 207-282-7387 for an estimate if you are in need of help to get you heating conversion completed or get your current oil fired boiler cleaned and started for this heating system. We have been in business since 1981 and have installation and 24/7 heating and plumbing services. We can complete your natural gas conversion in Cumberland for you.