Could Thanksgiving dinner clog your home’s arteries?

Tis the season for good food and good company … but, with more mouths to feed and more “helping hands,” can you guess the most common plumbing breakdown during the holidays? Overloading the garbage disposer! Putting fat and grease down the disposer is like clogging your arteries.

And, if your garbage disposer is more than seven years old, you may want to take some preventative measures and consider having it replaced. Contact us at 207-282-7387 or post a comment below. We’ll come out and inspect it – along with the rest of your plumbing system – and give you peace of mind during the busiest season of the year!

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Replacement of Oil Fired Boiler

We removed an old inefficient oil boiler at the Clough residence and installed a new Pensotti oil boiler, which is a much better option than going with an LP Gas conversion. LP gas delivery was a problem last year and who knows what will happen? (more…)

York Library Circulator Replacement

Eastern Mechanical technicians recently replaced two B&G circulators at the York Public library with Wilo high efficiency circulators which will save them hundreds of dollars in operating cost each year. The circulators were old and in need of a second tear down and repair. A standard circulator runs at full speed every time there is a call for heat. The Wilo circulators alternate automatically and only run at a speed required to satisfy the heating demand. If you have four zones of heat and only one zone calling you only need a minimum flow of water to heat the space. These circulators work in commercial as well as residential applications. Call Eastern Mechanical Inc for high efficiency heating products.

Mini Split Heat Pumps

Mini split heat pumps are going like hot cakes.
Efficiency Maine is offering rebates as well as Daikin AC.
contact John Salo to set up an appointment to see
if this heating and cooling system makes sense in your application.
Daikin LV series heat pumps meet all the energy standards for top efficiency and rebates.
Call or email today to beat the heating rush.
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Summer Heat

Finally out of the cold weather and into the heat. What happened to spring?
Below are some items to look at to keep your house cool.
Check you air filter located in the indoor part of your air conditioning system.
A dirty filter can cause bad air flow and a frozen coil.
This filter should be changed or cleaned each year.
Check the condensate drain also located in the indoor unit.
Air conditioners remove moisture from the air which needs to drain. Make sure the drain is working.
Take a hose and rinse the out door unit coil and look inside to see if any pine needles or grass clippings have fallen inside. This should also be kept clean.
Finally at some point in the spring have your unit checked by Eastern Mechanical Inc. to make sure it is performing at a tip top level.

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Air Conditioning Service and Care

This summer, make sure that you take advantage of the warm weather and spend some time outdoors. But you also need to be able to come home to a nice, comfortable and cool home. If you’re like most homeowners, then you want your air conditioning system to operate as efficiently and consistently as possible. We can provide you with regular maintenance and 24/7 service of your system to keep it operating as it should. (more…)

Call a PHCC contractor

When you’re thinking about hiring a Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractor call a PHCC contractor. For 120 years Maine PHCC Contractors have been dedicated to protecting the Health, Safety and Comfort of the consumer. (more…)