Maintenance Agreements

Eastern Mechanical Inc offers maintenance agreements on HVAC and Plumbing systems for commercial and residential properties.


In general your HVAC equipment company requires your equipment be maintained and serviced as a condition of your warranty. If a unit fails during warranty you will be asked the model and serial number of the unit and the date it was last serviced and the service record.

Units also run efficiently and safe with clean filters and parts cleaned and lubricated. Typically on a commercial application with roof top Gas / Electric HVAC units we clean and service the unit in the spring and return to change filters in the summer, then in the fall we make sure the unit is ready for the heating season checking the heating side of the system and change the air filters, finally a winter service to check the system and change the air filters.

Initially we will visit your location cataloging what you have for equipment that requires regular maintenance. Then we return to our office  and research the maintenance requirements that the manufacturer recommends as far as materials, technique and how often the unit needs to be serviced,  making sure that nothing gets missed and we do a complete service. We then return and go over all of your equipment with you and decide on a maintenance plan. We recommend what should be done you decide how we proceed.

As we perform the services if anything is needed beyond  normal maintenance we will provide an estimate with options if necessary before any work is completed. Up front and fair pricing.  

Residential HVAC agreements are also offered and can range from a simple boiler cleaning as well as Gas furnaces with air conditioning. the initial procedure is very similar to a commercial maintenance agreement however usually service is completed and filters are changed once a year.

Oil and gas boilers and furnaces should also be serviced once a year.

For oil units we clean and inspect the heat exchanger and the chimney connector, change the nozzle, strainer and oil filter then perform an efficiency test making sure your unit is running as efficiently and as clean as possible.

Generally gas heating units run pretty clean but should be looked at at least once a year.

We Open and inspect the heat exchanger and clean as needed. Check the boiler vent and intake piping for obstructions. Check the condensate drain system for proper drainage and cycle unit to check for proper operation.

Once you have a maintenance agreement you will be provided the following:

  • automatic reminders and scheduling of service
  • 24/7 priority emergency service
  • 10% discount on material
  • special discounted labor rate
  • equipment running at top efficiency
  • up front pricing on additional work
  • piece of mind